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Publish 2024 on iosdevlog.com

Many years ago, I posted my first personal blog on GitHub, using a custom domain of iosdevlog.com.

In 2024, I'm rekindling my passion for blogging, and I've chosen Hashnode as my new home for sharing my thoughts and ideas!

Why Hashnode? It's all about ease of use and streamlining my workflow:

  • No more Git juggling: I can bid farewell to the days of cloning repositories, committing code, and pushing to GitHub. Hashnode lets me write and publish directly on the website—even from my phone!

  • Focus on writing, not wrangling: This means more time for crafting engaging content and less time wrestling with technical hurdles. ✍️

  • A vibrant community of fellow devs: I'm excited to connect with other developers, exchange ideas, and learn from each other within Hashnode's active community.

How to bind custom domain




Awesome, I can't wait to visit my new blog on Hashnode!