ChatGPT Token From China

ChatGPT Token From China


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The people in China can not visit directly.
If some sone want to use ChatGPT, he must use proxy.

My wife think it's too trouble to do that. she asked me to visit ChatGPT from website don't need any proxy.

I have a aliyun server, and in the beginning of 2023 I use VPS located in the US to deploy a website can use access token to visit ChatGPT.

xueandyue/ChatGPT-AccessToken-Web: 本项目基于使用accesstoken的方式实现了网页版 ChatGPT 的前端,是用ChatGPT-Next-Web项目进行修改而得,默认Main分支对接gpt3.5的模型,gpt4分支对接gpt4模型。另外本项目需要的后端服务是pandoranext项目。项目是站在ChatGPT-Next-Web和pandoranext项目的作者肩膀上,感谢他们! (

I found this repo is update rectenly.

First, I run access_token on my abroad Server, but Server configuration is not very well.
When I start Docker,ths OS killed my app several minutes later.
Then, I move to aliyun.

I got an error.

  "cause": {
    "errno": -111,
    "code": "ECONNREFUSED",
    "syscall": "connect",
    "address": "",
    "port": 8008

Then, I used the second method, it works.